Our Vice President, Andrew Greller, is being honored at a Science Museum of Long Island Fundraising Dinner on April 30th. Tickets for this event are $65.

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Volunteers Needed!
Coffin Woods Preserve (North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary) in Locust Valley has been awarded a grant by LIISMA (The Long Island Invasive Species Management Area) to eradicate an infestation of hardy kiwi vine (Actinidia arguta). A group of skilled volunteers (who know a native plant from an invasive) is being recruited to monitor the eradication at this site throughout the 2014 growing season. Volunteers will document new growth, remove plants as they begin tore-grow, and determine if further efforts are needed. An hour or so on a Saturday would be so appreciated. Al Lindberg will be the liaison between the volunteers and the North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary. Please contact him or Carol Johnston.

Purple Chokeberry
(Aronia prunifolia)
Round-Leaved Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) Scrub Oak
(Quercus ilicifolia)
Photos courtesy of Donald J. House

The Long Island Botanical Society is dedicated to the promotion of field botany and a greater understanding of the plants that grow wild on Long Island, New York.




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